"Sometimes I add the same paper twice"

Abstract. Save links to papers you want to read, and ReadPapers would store the files for you.

If you keep your reading list as a hundred of open tabs in browser, only to discover few months later that some of the links no longer work, then ReadPapers can help you to declutter your tabs list and store private copies on our servers of those files, so you won't lose them.

Hi, I'm Tim. Let me tell you a little bit about ReadPapers. It's not exactly a reference management tool. I am not an academic, but a software engineer, and I've developed ReadPapers to help me keep track of the papers I want to read.

I'm not really fond of big splashy landings, so on this page I've tried to explain what the service is, and what can it do now, in plain text. I would love to hear from you if you have any feedback (better yet, try the service, maybe you'd like it).

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UI of ReadPapers at November 4, 2019
Fig. 1. User Interface of ReadPapers

"What could I do with it?", you ask quietly

Bookmark papers

Keep a list (or a stack) of papers you want to read. Keeping a separate list from generic bookmarks makes it focused, so every time you go to ReadPapers, you go to read papers.

Add URLs from arxiv and other sources.

Store copies of PDF files in the cloud

Not every URL would be accessible forever. ReadPapers stores copy of the original file in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about which machine you downloaded the paper to, or whether that machine is backed up.

Mark as Read

Mark paper as read when you're done with it, and see at a glance what papers you haven't read yet. Don't stare into the void too much, though. Marking papers as read feels great.

Knowledge you've acquired is a bonus too.

No third-party tracking or ads

ReadPapers is an independent service.
I don't have to insert loads of analytics to serve relevant advertisement or nudge you and your library to subscribe for certain journals, so I don't do that.

Business model is simple: you pay for the service, you get the service, and I get the opportunity to work on something good.

Organize it
with tags

Long, monotonous lists can be daunting and boring.
Satisfy the organizer in you by building smaller, more neat lists!

You can add tags like

only in mice
p > 0.5

Tags are private by default, as is everything else.

Search inside the PDFs

PDFs are processed when saved, the text inside is extracted and indexed, so you can search for haskell or lookup how many papers in your library mention blockchain (no judgement).

Write private notes about papers

Sometimes it's helpful to jolt down some notes, while you're reading the paper. Perhaps, you want to write down your overall impression or mention why you've decided to read it in the first place.

Want more? Let me know

I'm very open to suggestions on what features I should add to ReadPapers to make it even more useful. You can also look at the What's New page to see the roadmap.

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